A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

2D hard mario like game, try finishing it as fast as you can.

Made by gil with godot, some images and all the sound files are from the internet.

Install instructions

Download the files, place them in the same folder and click the exe to play.


2D Hell Run (godot).exe 24 MB
2D Death Run (godot).pck 15 MB
2D Death Run (godot).x86_64 30 MB


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Hi! It appears you've packaged the Linux version of your game in a peculiar way, which prevents me from being able to play your game. You need to take the .x86_64 file and run sudo chmod +x on it to give it execution permissions, then compress both that and the .pck file into a .zip archive so I don't have to download them all separately.

You might want to put the Windows version of your game in a .zip file as well, since most computers will mistake it for a virus.


Ill check that out,thanks... Try putting the x86 and the pck files in the same folder,it should make it work.